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Sourcing Edge Associates (SEA) was created by Harry Hunter and Brad Louth, to assist medium to large sized companies and public sector organizations in developing a successful Strategic Sourcing program. We provide the leadership necessary to leverage your internal and external resources for sustained competitive advantage. SEA will assist and guide you into the use of more advanced sourcing techniques to generate untapped saving opportunities. Our expertise and knowledge is based on over fifty years of sourcing, financial and business management experience involving a wide variety of services and situations. As a result of our extensive industry experience, we have a wide variety of skills and resources that may be drawn upon to ensure your objectives are achieved. Our fees are tailored to your needs, either as an agreed upon consulting retainer and/or a percentage of savings achieved.

Contact us to set up a free evaluation meeting and let SEA show you how they can help your business achieve improved savings efficiencies, leading to an improved bottom line.